The Environment

514408072514408072Hands holding new growth plant. Mature man in the garden. We are committed to be a company that puts the environment first. Our path, at the very minimum will offset our carbon footprint. Our ultimate goal is to accomplish a negative carbon footprint.


Bob McGrath Photography is proud to be guided by the following green initiative principles:

  • We will conduct all of our business with our clients online; we will not conduct paper advertising mailings.
  • We will provide digital downloads to our clients whenever possible.
  • Clients ordering photographic prints will receive them directly from our processing facility eliminating duplicate shipping.
  • We will introduce our clients to frame options available from our collegiate licensed partner "Treehugger Frames".
  • Our photographers will travel to college campuses in hybrid or electric vehicles.
  • Our management team will utilize GotoMeeting software whenever possible to reduce travel to campus. 
  • Our contracts will be delivered and executed online via Docusign software.

 ​** In the name of our your yearbook, we will sponsor the planting of one tree for each senior we photograph through the 501 c 3 non profit foundation "Plant-It 2020".​